Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Your Eyes...

why is it that my imagination
is full of tragedy!

I look into your eyes
and my imagination
triggers off...

I walk along with you
on the narrow trail,
hand in hand.

I climb up,
I extend my hand
and pull you up

smiling, laughing,
walking, talking,
we keep climbing up

this goes on for a while
until we reach the pinnacle
of a scenic mountain top

you are in my arms.
I can see clouds
hugging the mountain below

force of the wind is such
that I am unable to keep
my balance

here is beauty
along with fear

I want to be here.
I want to be near.
Yet, I fear
to be here

I look away.
I want to look
into your eyes.


- Musten Jiruwala


Aaarti said...

Wow,dint know there was a poet hidden here..
This was beautiful...

Raaga said...

so many sides to you!!