Tuesday, October 18, 2005

~~ Why? Because... ~~

One day,
I decided to play God for me
because,I saw pandemonium and chaos

Then, I decided to dry up the oil from the well,
because,I saw you fight like hell
for a small little oil well

Some sanity restored,
I felt encouraged to go on,

I decided to destroy the weapons,
because,I wanted to bring equality between you and the strong
to stop you from any brawl

I was again proved wrong
by you, my own creation!
You kept the fight going for pretty long

I looked closer for some clue
I searched every soul, black and blue
I desperately wanted to bring peace, that was true

Finally,I decided to give you back the oil,
that was not the cause for any spoil,

I decided to give you back the weapons,
becauseI wanted you to realize on your own
Thatyou fight
you fear

And if anyone can destroy that fear,
it's not me,
but the creator.

- Musten Jiruwala

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Anonymous said...

thotful. deep. engrossing.