Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What if...

It is early morning.
Once again, sun is hesitatingly making its appearance, guilty of disturbing peacefully sleeping beasts, birds and human beings. However, to its amazement, sun found most of the human beings awake and making their way to Janpath singing joyfully, waking up the sleeping dogs and the birds.

Unlike every year, today there will be no army parades or display of might in weaponary. Today, the leaders of each country (except for one) from the entire world have gathered here to witness the historical announcement. The announcement, which will be remembered for thousands of years to come.

Leaders of all countries (except for one) are present in their best regional attires. Large or small, every country is represented by its apex leaders, presidents and prime-ministers. Leaders of every religious body are here too.

Media personnels from every nook and corner of the world, be it Television, Radio or Print Media, every one of them are setting up their equipments on the specially designed semi-circular hanging platform, about 30 feet above ground.

The announcement will be made by the UN Security Council Chief at exactly 08:15 AM.

At the moment, there are huddles of leaders mingling around with people, drinking their morning tea from paper cups. There are no barricades, no commandos, no uniformed guards, no policemen and no weapons in sight.

The sun, baffled by all these happenings, looks on.

08:15 AM
Cameras are already focused; wireless microphones are already thrust in their best available slots on the podium. Leaders and the public are standing in full attention. There is light breeze and the sky is clear (quite unheard of during this time of the year in this part of the world). Pin drop silence.

As the UN Security Chief slowly takes a step forward and briskly strides towards the podium, the audience, barely able to contain their excitement, is cheering loudly along with their joyful singing. The atmosphere is fully charged with excitement.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!", Chief of the council starts off! "The historical moment is here!".

"It is with great joy and excitement...", she pauses, perhaps choking, unable to contain the excitement.

"I declare this world to be completely free of any terror!". There is loud cheer from the crowd!
"I declare this world to be completely free of any weapons!".
Another loud cheer from the crowd!
"I declare this world to be completely free of any boundries!". The crowd is now ecstatic!
"Now, you can work anywhere you like! You can do your business anywhere you want to!", she thought it needless to add "except for one country".
"Now, you are truly free from any authoritative governance!".
"At last, after decades of consistent efforts, our world is free of Dictators!".
Married men are dancing with joy. Married women are smiling.
Tears of joy run down the cheeks of the leaders of the world as if washing away all their sins.
Sun smiles quietly, thinking "Once Again, it is the morning of August 15th , that has made history!
"What if that one country...

- Musten Jiruwala

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