Friday, June 17, 2005

Where is love?

Where is love?
One fine day, in the winter
I stepped out, in search of love.

Hoping to find it everywhere,
so, I looked here, there, everywhere

I looked for it in my children,
in my wife and my parent,
in my brothers and my sisters
in my friends and my well wishers

all in vain,
I returned with empty hand.

I expanded my search,
far and wide
looking for the place,
where love could hide

searched the depth of the oceans
and pinnacle of the mountains,
Searched jungles and the cities
villages and the towns,

searched roaring seas, and the flowing rivers
while the december chill gave me shivers

all efforts down the drain,
I returned empty handed, once again.

Then, there is this last place
am afraid to look,
for the fear that, all hopes
I would lose

I need courage and strength
to look for love in this last place,

deep down
at the bottom
of my heart.