Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wind and Fire

five feet below the ground
with logs of wood all around
burning happily round the clock
with loved ones poking to stoke

wind got a whiff of my joy
determined to douse me with a ploy
started to play with me like a toy
with a strong intention to annoy

I smiled and let it play
since it didn't bother me in anyway
I am the fire of faith
wind of malice can't bring me death

as the wind of rumor gets stronger
I start burning brighter and longer
wind, in its fury and anger
ends up playing an encourager!

I am the fire of faith
wind of malice can't bring me death
nor can it sway me away
into revenge or wrath

I am what I am
I am faith

- Musten Jiruwala

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sitting by the side of the river...

limping lifelessly
burdened by thousands of thoughts
I collapsed by the side of the river

Shunned and pushed
by one and all
I lay there
depressed, dejected

sound of the river
seemed to drowna
in the chaos of
my mind

cool breeze
mischievously and

I gave up
and let the breeze
caress my face and
the river sing to me

after a prelude
of flowing sounds
the river started its

"I am a drop
from the sky
fell on a leaf
pleaded to hide

leaf just smiled
and gently
pushed me

I fell on the rock
clung to it for my life
with a tear in my eye
pleaded to hide

with a gentle smile
the rock too
pushed me

I fell from rock to rock
and leaf to leaf
pushed and shunned
yet no relief

thousand other drops
joined me in my grief
together we struggled
with some deep belief

we kept moving
we kept leaping
we kept flowing
we kept growing

now, we move the rocks
and give life to leaves
we are unstoppable
we find alternatives

thanks to the leaf
and to the rocks
who pushed me aside
and gave me life

I move on
I keep leaping
I keep flowing
I keep growing

I am a drop
from the sky
shunned by the leaf
pushed by the rock

I am a part
of a flowing

for the first time
in my life
I woke up from
a deep slumber

since then,
I keep flowing
I move on

and I feel

Every moment

- Musten Jiruwala

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What to do...

Not so long ago
I used to be surrounded by

Desires burnt out
on the back-burner
while I wrestled with
surviving in this society

I was blurred
in my own focus
while I focused on
lifeless surroundings

One fine day,
I gathered some courage
and did what my
heart desired

I felt

Next moment,
the world
seemed to have
crashed on me

I regretted quietly
for my foolishness
and vowed never to
have any more desires

like a caged bird
I went about
the chores of life, again

Until one fine day
not so long ago
sitting by the side
of the river

I realized
what life is
all about

I first do
what my heart

I feel magical,

Every moment.

- Musten Jiruwala
(dedicated to my love)