Thursday, August 20, 2009

God Exists!!

Ofcourse, God Exists!!! Afterall, God is created by man!

Let me just give you some out-of-box perspective on this...these are my thoughts only.

Existence of God is in the human mind. Human mind thrives on knowledge. Most part of this knowledge is aquired knowledge. Each one of us process this aquired knowledge and create new knowledge that we call our own. We all share this knowledge with others in varied quantities. Thus the knowledge spreads.

Psychology is a science of human mind. Sociology is science of human relationships or science of collective minds. The prophets and the saints who established religions were sociologists who understood collective human mind. They used the knowledge given by psychology to establish order in human relationship. They used two fundamental aspects of human behaviour, fear and desire, to bring order in human relationships.

The origin of God dates back to few thousand years when human beings were savage. They were organized in clans and they were warriors, hunters and farmers. It was a true jungle raaj where the might was right. (Not that things have changed much since then).

Human mind could overcome the fear of anything that could be projected in space and time, in other words, in conscious state of mind. So, there was a need to create fear in the sub-conscious state of mind. Thus, the image of super-natural, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscent was created and was called God.

This fear was used to restrict people from doing things that caused harm to other individuals in the society.

This image of God, the super-natural, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscent, was induced into sub-conscious state of mind by way of rituals, sermons, miraculous stories and creating some physical evidence (footprints, icons etc).

Thus, The God was created. First, as a fear to restrict people from doing harmful things.

Later, there were refinements after understanding more psychology. They understood that better results can be achieved by guiding or inspiring people to do something rather than restricting people from doing something. They saw that restrictions generally caused rebellion.

So, these refined sociologists used the desire and some imaginary places like heaven which is controlled by God to inspire people to do good things.

This God was shared thru generations in varied quantitites. Daily rituals, festivals and periodical sermons made sure that this image of God was kept alive in the sub-conscious mind.

Psychology, the science of human mind allowed the sociologists to create this image. Later on, the existence of god was explained by way of philosophy and metaphysics.

Yet, human mind never gives up violence. It can find ways and means to prove its might. Today, this human mind is trying to prove that their image of God is mightier than others. Muslims say Allah is mightier, Hindus say Bhagwan is mightier, Christians say, God is mightier. And, we find reason to fight.

Then we fight over the existence of God. Today, we call it faith. We defend this faith by saying that absence of proof is not proof of absence.

To conclude, God is a necessary 'evil' to keep human existence in check!

Philosophizing life

  • Love, Joy, Peace can travel greatest of the great distances at faster than the fastest speed in shortest of the short time. The only thing it cannot penetrate is thinner than the thinnest wall of arrogance, anger, lies and suspicion.
  • Demeaning and ridiculing others will elevate you fast and high on a bubble of false pride. Just that the bubble of false pride doesn't last too long.
  • The person on whom you fix the responsibility for things happening in your life becomes more powerful. For happenings in my life, I fix the responsibility on myself.
  • For you, it IS what it MEANS to you. Fact is, it doesn't mean anything. It is what it is.
  • I feel what I choose to feel.
  • I am learning to attach my perception with your feelings.
  • When you look at hurdles as problems, you avoid them. When you look at hurdles as opportunities, you overcome them.
  • if you can't appreciate something that you have, its better to lose it. if you are going to regret losing it, better appreciate it.
  • When I focus my energy on where I want my world to go, my world will not end up where I don't want it to go.
  • By nature, I am chaotic. Adapting myself to a system or a process is against my nature.
  • When the child in you dies, childishness will remain.
  • Maturity is to overcome childishness while remaining a child.
  • Ignoring myself often results in finding fault with others.
  • Friendship is free from all relationships. Only a relationship can be broken.
  • What, when, where, who, how gives you facts. Why gives you perceptions. Truth is beyond facts and perceptions.
  • When you want something or someone to change, be ready to deal with your frustration.
  • I dominate those against whom I feel weak and helpless.
  • Deeds matter. Dress doesn't.
  • Significance is merely in your perception, otherwise everything is mundane.
  • Failing after giving your best is a sign of bigger success.
  • Perception from conveniently altered past can brighten the future and diminish the present.