Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Christina's World

Tears swell up in my eyes,
when I cut the cake
on my 75th Birthday!

Friends, relatives and well wishers
all gathered in throngs
on this fateful Wednesday

Sixty years have past since
I experienced reality of life,
for the first time, on that day

The sky was lit up with
fires of the enemies
everyone were running helter-skelter
in an effort to protect their
offsprings and ponies

in a few moments,
life came to a complete halt
with deathly silence
and fading lights

There I was,
in the field
sitting alone
looking for the signs of life
fearing that they are all gone

Sixty years hence,
Here I am
lots of things changed
around me,
The buildings, the roads,
the computers and the telephones

I am looking for the
small small clues
to see whether
they have changed...

Same way, as I looked
for the signs of life
on that fateful day...

- Musten Jiruwala

1 comment:

Aaarti said...

Wow,dint know u had participated in this.. i had written something for this as well.. shall dig it out and send you..

amazing way with words you sure seem to have.. nice

keep writing Musyy :D