Saturday, July 18, 2015

Redefining Society and its purpose

A lot has been discussed about body and mind without reaching any conclusion. It could be because the mind is not a physical entity and mostly it's consistency depends upon many variable factors that the body is subjected to.

Body demands food when it is hungry. Mind reacts by figuring out how to go about getting it. It shuffles through many "conditions" to reach food to the body. When the body is in pain, it demands comfort and mind reacts by organizing medicines or whatever that can make the body feel comfortable. Criminal investigation methods largely depend upon torturing the body of the accused to make their mind spill the beans. Vishwamitra tried very hard to control his mind from fulfilling his bodily desires, but his mind gave up when Menaka seduced him.

In today's society, we don't have a mind of our own. What we have is the mind of the society we live in. Society has created a conditioned mind by way of legal and moral laws and tenets. It has created a framework for the mind to work with in order to fulfill the needs and desires of the body.

So, the body demands something and the mind fulfills its needs in a conditioned way. As the society evolved, it observed that not everybody is using the conditioned mind. So they created systems to forcefully make people follow the mind by way of penalties and punishment. This was perhaps the biggest mistake our society made in its evolution.

Penalties and punishments gave rise to lies and pretensions. Lie became the biggest savior of crime. Society reacted (wrongly) by creating more systems to curb lies. But in vein.

Today, it has become difficult to remain honest. Society has lost its purpose and now most of us are only pretending to be civilized and honest.

There is an urgent need to redefine the purpose of the civilized society and employ learned methods to realign with the redefined purpose.