Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Void of God

I was born with God inside me. The moment I was born, that God was removed from inside me without my knowledge and thrown away. Then religion was stuffed and hammered in its place.
As I grew up, the void of God inside me started to grow as well. I searched for something to fill this void with.
I tried to drown myself in my profession in hope that this void will go away. But, it kept on growing.
I tried to fill it with home and family, art and philosophy. But, this void grew bigger.
I tried to fill it with more religions, but to my despair, it kept on growing.
I travelled to the mountains and valleys, waterfalls and seashores and soaked in the beauty of nature in an attempt to fill this void with.
But, all in vain. The void inside me kept growing.
Finally, I tried to fill it with love, joy and peace. But, it kept on growing incessantly.
This void of God is much much larger than all the religions of the world, all the nature and beauty, all possible knowledge and skills put together.
The God that I was born with is somewhere out there and growing.
Or is it growing inside me?
- Musten Jiruwala, August 13, 2016.

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