Saturday, October 11, 2014

Haider - A nested metaphor!

Only a master narrator like Vishal Bharadwaj can do justice to this Shakespearean masterpiece in contemporary setting and that too with a new twist!

Haider, which is based on the Kashmir conflict where I could relate Tabu's character of Hamlet's Gertrude with current state of Kashmir, which is married to India but flirting with Pakistan. She has brought out the trials and tribulations of a "half-widow" state. KayKay has done an amazing job of portraying Pakistan's character through Claudious who uses "terrorist" (Mukhberins) under his control to kill people who are in his way. And, of course, Shahid has done a wonderful job of portraying the current generation of Kashmir through the character of Hamlet. Shraddha has done a good job with Ophelia's character.

I loved the twist in the tail (If you have not seen Haider, please stop reading from here).

As Gandhiji had said, an eye for an eye will make the whole nation blind - this message is delivered very well through this 2 hours 40 minutes saga on Kashmir. Optimist Vishal created a twist in the end where Hamlet stops from killing half-dead Claudious. To me, it seemed that current generation of Kashmir has realised that vindictive and revengeful mindset will not help bring peace and there is no point in wasting bullets on Pakistan which is will meet its painful end of his own making (Tabu's suicide by blowing herself off leaves KayKay limbless and nearly dead, suggesting destruction of traditional Kashmir will hurt Pakistan greatly).

A very intense movie that does full justice to the original master-piece, Hamlet.

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