Monday, December 14, 2009

Unspoken Wishes

A little surprise party on a birthday or an anniversary. A small note of appreciation. A gift of new expensive watch. A surprise vacation plan. These are some of the unspoken wishes one has. Its an acid-test for my loved ones. I set this unspoken wish to be an indication of their love and care towards me. If they(loved ones) do it, I feel they care for me. If they don't (regardless of countless other things they do for my joy), I feel that they don't love me/they don't care for me.

Ofcourse, I would feel hurt and let down if they don't do it. So, I rub it in. I tell them my expectation after the event has passed. And express my hurt. This way, all they can feel is guilt. Do I get pleasure out of it? No! But, why should I feel the pain alone? At least, next time they will know what is expected of them on such occasions, if they really love me, care for me.

So called "wise" people say that, "You must express what you want", "You must be a demand on your loved ones", "You must respect their choice after they know what your wish is". Rubbish, I say! They should know what is expected of them. Why do I have to mention it?

I know very well that its a double edged sword. If they do it, I would feel ecstatic! If they don't, I would feel let down and depressed. If I say it, there will be no fun, no thrill. Yeah. For a while, I would feel miserable and unloved (and enjoy their attention ;-))

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