Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ekspressions of a bird...

We are so fortunate to be

We can fly as high
as we desire,
as far as
we want!

Quench our thirst,
at any pond, river, stream
of our choice,
at our time!

Sit on any branch,
of any tree,
of our choice,
and eat its fruits
to our heart's content!

I am so fortunate to be
a bird!

SO WHAT, if I am caged?
This cage is so
meticulously crafted,
and so lovingly painted
with different hues of
my Master's choice,
especially for me!

My Master!
Sure is very loving,
very caring!

He carefully plucks
his choice of fruits
and feeds them to me!

To quench my thirst,
he places clean water
in a silver bowl,
lest I catch that dreaded
Bird Flu!

My Master!
Sure is very loving,
very caring!

Only one wish though,
Oh My Master!
To have a little
bigger cage,

to stretch my wings
and fly a little,
play a little,
have a little bit
taste of those
free birds' life!

- Musten Jiruwala
As felt by the bird in me (unrevised)


Sphinx said...

Neat poems! I really enjoyed reading them :-)

AJ{ax} said...

Great show sirr...managed to get to ur blog thru RYZE !!!!
hehehe..keep blogging....

Aaarti said...

Sweet.. so true, like a bird we wish to be free and fly as we wish.... :D

viji said...

Amazing one.. If someone from blue cross reads this.. they will stop taking action for caging birds..

Musten said...

Thank you :)